With the redesign of the Imulus website we felt strongly that it needed to be a responsive site. As our focus has shifted to designing for a more mobile world, our site needed to evolve with us. Beyond that, we wanted the site to feel more like an app than a traditional website. To accomplish this the site flows and resizes to fit content on the screen with very little scrolling. Rather than a few distinct break points images and text scale as needed and then reformat at appropriate sizes.

The design of the site was an interesting challenge. The concept of a column grid was key to making the design work. This allowed for a visual consistency across sections in structure as well as interactivity. Sections resize or in some cases are removed in smaller sizes.

Content positions can also change based on the size of the display. In the case of the team members the photo size and position change to better suit the format.

Consistency across browsers with a site this complex is a real challenge and our development team did an amazing job making everything work and solving a host of problems that arose during the build.