Once again, I must go against the grain of popular opinion and provide my insights about another logo redesign that missed the mark.

Recently, Microsoft redesigned their logo into a boring compilation of flat multicolored boxes and overly simple type. Jeff Hansen, Microsoft’s general manager of brand strategy claimed “The colors are meant to convey the diversity of our products and the diversity of people that we serve.” Excuse me? This isn’t a blatant simplification of their Windows logo? Call a spade a spade, Hansen. This explanation reminds me of when I was in school and I would have to BS a concept when I was put on the spot.

Furthermore, this oversimplification just looks dull. These days, logo redesigns seem to lean more towards modernizing which companies interpret as the simpler the better. I agree at times this is a successful strategy as Miller has proven:

However in this case I think this logo is just uninspired. In fact, after one Google search for “Square logo” one of the top results is a stock logo that looks eerily similar…

All this aside, however, I actually do like the direction Microsoft is going with the rest of their branding. I simply ask you: amongst all this inspired creativity, why did Microsoft find it acceptable to land on such a boring logo? http://youtu.be/OzkZWvAJUr0