As an entrepreneur there is no boss to tell me what I’m doing wrong. Instead, I try to be hyper-vigilant on assessing my performance, skills and the myriad of daily communications. I can’t be truly confident in my abilities without being self-critical. It serves no one to hide faults and weaknesses behind a false appearance.

Here is my own personal list (made public) to help myself gain a perspective on a situation and how I can resolve it. This time it is “Why I fail to execute.”


  • I don’t plan out enough.
  • I’m always rushing myself, therefore things get missed and others pay the price.
  • I put too many little things on my plate which should be delegated out.
  • I’m not giving others enough information and training to adequately pick up some of my workload.
  • When I do assign myself work, it’s too easy to push things off into the future.

What are my rewards for “not executing”?
It’s helpful to dig deep into the hidden reasons that a negative feature or characteristic continues despite a desire to change.

  • Delaying work load if I don’t feel like doing it.
  • Delayed responsibility.
  • It allows me to choose what things I focus on thereby giving me some sort of twisted control.
  • It creates a perception that I’m too busy, maybe deep down I want that perception, but busy doesn’t equal effective.

What does it cost me?

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Lack of achieving goals.
  • Stress & frustration.
  • Lack of leadership.
  • Reduced depth of relationships
  • Loss of money & failure to capitalize on opportunities
  • Self-confidence

How can I change this?

  • Wake up each morning and plan the day; look at tomorrow; assess the next 5 days.
  • Make time to focus on creativity during the week.
  • Prioritize tasks which can be delegated and get back to others first thing in the morning so they aren’t left waiting for a response.
  • Set aside a time chunk each day for tasks which only I can do; and make time to document, train and delegate items to others.
  • Before pushing off a task ask myself “what is it costing me to delay this?”
  • Minimize distractions and make time for brainless activities.

There you go. I hope this helps other entrepreneurs better understand themselves.