We love and appreciate Time. It’s truly a non-renewable resource.

As we’ve grown, so have our distractions. Those distractions are usually innocent encounters or questions that are easier to discuss in person than email. In the last few months the whole office has felt a bit less productive, so we think we found a way to stimulate productivity. We’re ripping off Heroku, copying Facebook and stealing from Microsoft’s SQL Server team to create “Wednesdays.”

We’re not winning points for originality. That’s for sure. Wednesdays will be our productive day. No client meetings, no IM and no email, just pure immersion in productivity. However, there is a distinction to make between the names mentioned above and Imulus. Those companies are product based, Imulus is primarily a services company and that makes adopting Wednesdays a bit trickier.

We’ve conceded “emergencies” are valid reasons to interrupt Wednesdays. We’re leaving it to our client-facing managers and account peeps to play bouncer. If a site or application is down, broken or not performing, then it constitutes an emergency. The entire office is excited to see how this experiment goes.

  • http://www.voltagead.com Seth Lofgreen

    This is a great idea. Sometimes you just need to turn off the email and crank. We might have to try this over at VOLTAGE. Great post.


  • http://viget.com Jason Sperling

    Good luck guys! Be interesting to hear how well this works.