Based on Simon Sinek’s book “Start With Why” and the concept of the Golden Circle we have approached how we look at Imulus and our strategy to move forward in a new and more meaningful way. This concept is founded on the belief that if you are clear about why you do what you do, and why the company you go to work for each day exists, everything you do will have more meaning. Externally having a clear why and communicating it to the world helps in a number of ways. First, people buy from people who believe what they believe. When you are clear that you share a belief system with a company, competitive details, and price become irrelevant. People buy Macs and Harley Davidson Motorcycles and put stickers on their cars and tattoo logos on their skin because they believe what Apple and Harley Davidson believe.

Our Why

By clearly defining our Why it makes it much easier to make strategic decisions. The Why acts as a lens to view the world through. In any difficult decision we simply need to ask, “Does this fit with our Why?”

We believe in humanizing experiences.

Tagline: Making Digital Human


The second step is How we achieve our Why. There could be a thousand ways to achieve the why, but these are our hows. These are the principles and methods that we follow. They are not the exact things we do, just how we do them.

  • By creating collaborative, engaging and personal client relationships.
  • By testing and quantifying results.
  • By having a strong focus on the user.
  • By utilize our experience and expertise to guide clients to better solutions.
  • By creating solutions that don’t just work, they bring joy to the user.
  • By empathizing with our clients and their users.
  • By showing pride in worksmanship
  • By building a company that’s built to last, not to be acquired.
  • By being creative, geeky, and willing to take calculated risks.
  • By doing more with less.
  • By encouraging creativity and self expression.
  • By always looking for a better way.


The third step is What we do. These are the specific and tangible things that we do and say that are visible to the world.

  • We create digital interfaces that build businesses and brands for our clients.
  • We redesign websites
  • We create applications
  • We build interfaces
  • We build mobile apps
  • We create responsive sites
  • We test user behavior
  • We integrate with current and legacy systems
  • We express our ideas in blog posts, speaking engagements and community events
  • We create tools for community use
  • We create products that improve Imulus and have a proven revenue model
  • We partner with companies that align with our values and beliefs