As a follow-up to the Imulus DNA we extended and redefined our “Imulus Principles.” It’s been great to have this as a standard to make decisions from. For us, this has given us clarity and in the spirit of open source I hope others borrow and modify this.

  • The economy will rise and fall, so aim to keep the company cash accounts at 40% of yearly revenue.
  • Engage on a deeper level with everyone you come in contact with. Treat them with respect, appreciation and communicate with openness, sincerity and honesty.
  • Bring ideas to the table, champion them and stand up for what you know to be right, backing that up with data and research. Our questions should say more about us than the answers we give.
  • Creativity comes from inspiration, weirdness, letting loose and having a good time. Always encourage creativity. Invite everyone to participate in our weirdness.
  • Our ideal rate of growth aims for a production team that is between 60% to 70% billable, 15% internally focused and 15% given for downtime.
  • Happy employees and happy clients make for better experiences for all. When surveying this, never be satisfied with a score lower than an A.
  • Keep admin staff to less than 20% of the company. Always do more with less.
  • Interactions should be about the people and the experiences. Amazingly designed technology should fade to the background, and go unnoticed.
  • Only align ourselves with companies and partners that have similar beliefs.