My job is to find the best matched clients for Imulus. Contrary to what most people believe, good salesmen aren’t all about the mighty dollar. Sure there are some who will sell their souls to score a big project, but that’s not me or the company I represent. We invest significant time in understanding a prospect’s needs, creating a scope and explaining why we made the suggestions we did. This is why it’s so frustrating when a prospect goes dark after going through the entire process with us.

I understand some people are uncomfortable with saying “no” or “not right now,” but the reason why is hugely valuable to adjusting my pitch or offerings in the future. Was it our price? Our size? Did my accent put you off?

This is why we’re giving out $100 Apple Gift Cards to clients who reject our proposals and tell us why.

We’ve made the process pretty painless. It’s an online questionnaire with a few required fields. No need to talk to anyone, no badgering afterwards. Just tell us why and we’ll leave you alone.

Will this close the feedback loop? Not totally sure but we’re willing to try.