Computer eye strain is a bitch, I know that now.

bono-glassesIt’s been over two weeks now that I’ve had a chance to really size-up my computer glasses. I decided to shell out the $100 for a pair after suffering from 2 consecutive ocular migraines. These puppies aren’t the usual run of the mill headaches, no these bastards mess with my eye sight, cause numbness in my arms and slur my speech. After changes in diet, exercise, hydration and sleep nothing seemed to work to stop these headaches.

In an “ah-ha” moment after my last headache I realized that I never got these prior to moving to Colorado, and working with a computer 8 plus hours a day. After researching ocular migraines a bit more I decided to give computer glasses a try.

First off, I have 20/20 vision and no need for glasses… yet. I needed to find a pair of glasses which relieved computer eye-strain without a prescription. Google and Leo Laporte lead me to Gunnar Optiks. I opted for the Sheadogs because I’m still a fan of the metallic silver.
In Applesque style, they arrived in a slick package and the presentation was top-shelf. The glasses feel lightweight but sturdy. My only surprise is they didn’t come with a hardcase to lug them around in my laptop bag. That was remedied by a visit to my local Target, where they were nice enough to just give me a free case.

I was skeptical at first if these babies would really make a difference during the day. At first it felt foreign to be wearing glasses, but I got used to that after the second day. I think the hardest aspect to get used to is the yellow tint. All the Gunnar Optik glasses have this Bono-ish yellow look. For the designers out there, the yellow tint might be a deal breaker. There is also a very slight magnification which is noticeable as you glimpse down under the glasses.
Now, I can’t work on a computer without these glasses. After putting in a 10+ hour day yesterday my eyes still feel fresh and relaxed. Looking at a computer screen without them is intense. I notice a blueish brightness and intensity when I look at my screen now that I’m use to wearing these glasses. I haven’t had a headache yet, then again it will be several months before I’m willing to say the glasses have saved me from the ocular migraines.

  • Melis

    Wow, I’m going to have to check these out. I’ve determined, after being off for 2 weeks due to the holidays, that my headaches are definitely from the 22 inch monitor I work on everyday. Thanks for the post!

  • George

    Yep, working on a 22 inch monitor will do it, especially if it isn’t a LCD screen. They are certainly worth trying!

  • David

    I get the visual oddity of ocular migraines without any headache. I would be curious to know what you found out about ocular migraines in your research.

  • Concerned

    Based on your symptoms, are you sure you weren’t having a stroke? Sure sounds like more than just a headache. For your own sake, get it checked out if it happens again.

  • racy_rick

    Wow, great pic. I think slight magnification would give me a headache just in itself. I found having LCD monitors instead of CRTs makes a big difference. Also I’ve heard increasing the refresh of your monitor may help your eye strain.

    my 2c

  • George

    Thanks for the concern, but when I first got an ocular migraine I actually thought it was a stroke, so your concern is certainly warranted.

    In the last few years I’ve had several doctors check me out and it’s a headache, just a killer one. There are triggers and I’m learning how detect and avoid them but thus far the glasses are a nice addition.

    It’s amazing to me how little we REALLY understand about the human body. Our medicine seems advanced, but the more I learn, the more I’m less impressed with what we know for certain.

  • Julie

    Thanks for posting! I have been driven crazy by ocular migraines at work. Just picked up a pair and hoping they work for me too. :)

  • George Morris

    Please let me know if they do. I've been free from the ocular migraines now since I've had them. (knocking on wood)

  • Chris

    I tried blue blocker type medical grade glasses before, and they helped a little, but to no avail in the long run. Im leary to shell out the $100 to try these. Migraines can lead to eschemic (small stroke) like events if the symptoms build up from chronic eye migraines. I had one. Very scary. Eye migraines can also lead to decreased circulation in the extremities as well as severe heart symptoms if the trigger isnt removed. This is all from direct experience, as well as verification in the med literature.

  • George Morris

    Chris, I hear you but I'm almost at 6 months without a migraine or headache of any sort. I don't want to jinx myself but I'm so used to these that I can't even look at a screen without them now. I swear by them!

  • George

    It’s now June ’09 and I’ve still be headache free.