bruce-omnomnomnomWhat drives you?

Being really good at what I do, staying on the leading edge of the industry, and having an impact on people who see/use my work. Too many people stagnate, if I ever start stagnating I want to be taken out back behind the chemical shed and ended.

When not by your computer, where might we find you on a Friday night?

There’s about a 95% chance I’ll be with friends, a 90% chance I’ll be up past 2 A.M., a 70% chance that I’ll be out on the town, and a 50% chance that at some point during the evening I’ll drink a great glass of scotch. Other possibilities include: beating people at Halo, playing pool, chess, or watching amazing movies like No Country For Old Men.

What’s more important loyalty, honesty or passion?

If it’s just one thing I think it has to be honesty. At least if someone is honest you know right away if they will be loyal or not.

Still I’d say ideally it’s a blend of all three. Passion is incredibly important to me, and therefore I need to see it from other people from time to time. If they don’t have passion chances are I won’t associate with them for too long.

If you were a rockstar, who would you be?

I’d like to say Zack de la Rocha from Rage Against the Machine. He has a cause, he has a path he wants to follow, and he does it. The truth though is I don’t think many people could be Zack, even me, so I’d have to say Jon Bon Jovi. He seems nice, he’s into sports, and he knows how to rock it out.

Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, Tiger Woods or John Gruber? Which would you most want to grab beer with and why?

Steve Jobs terrifies the shit out of me. And while I’d love to pick his brain about his approach I think I’d just sit there being nervous. Obama I think I could actually open up to and have a good discussion with. He seems like he’d really listen and take ideas to heart, not to mention tell you when he thinks you’re wrong.

Barack is definitely my choice.

If Internet Explorer was a human and you were alone with it in a room for 30 minutes what would you say or do during that time?

There’s a very very high possibility that after I got the limbs off I’d eat them. Except IE8, I assume IE8 would join me in the feast.

Your bachelor pad is on fire, what are you grabbing as you leap out the window and race down the fire escape?

iPhone. It’d be the fastest way to get ahold of people and figure out the situation. Plus think of all the great tweets you could write.

“My house just burned down, fucking crazy. Want to grab a burger? –”

*note: if I had a dog I’d take her instead of the phone.

What rules or general principles guide your coding or interface design?

I guess I look at the whole experience and what I really appreciate when using something. Sometimes you run into a site or concept that is just mind blowingly good and you think to yourself, “wow, someone really refined and nailed that, I should strive to do that in what I do.” That doesn’t mean I always achieve that level, but I’m constantly trying.

Give me a joke. Don’t hold back.

How do you make a baby cry twice? Hahaha, just kidding I’m not going to give that punch line on our blog.

Instead let’s go with: “How many Chuck Norris’ does it take to screw in a lightbulb? None. Chuck Norris likes to kill in the dark.”

What 3 things are you afraid of?

  1. I’m terrified of death. Hence the reason I don’t drive with Scott often.
  2. I’m really afraid of losing a coding finger. Especially to the garbage disposal.
  3. I’m afraid of Kat’s raptor impression.

What 3 things could you improve on?

  1. When I learn the most is when I do things on my own and don’t have people show me. I get too reliant on people around me from time to time.
  2. I could be more conscientious of how my actions and approach effect other people. I think I know how I’m perceived but I’m sure I miss things.
  3. I’d like to be more well read in other areas besides geek topics. I find people with a vast knowledge and cultural background to be fascinating.

What 5 artist are on your iPod right now?

  • Rage Against the Machine
  • Michael Jackson
  • Dj Vernimal
  • Brian Transeau
  • Abdominal

If I could grant you one super-power what would it be?

The ability to read and grasp information 200x faster than I do right now.

What current trend just baffles you?

Girls wearing abnormally massive sunglasses. What is the fucking deal with that? Do they think covering their entire face with fake plastic gold plated glasses is attractive in any way?

Fill this in. I can’t believe I didn’t get tossed in jail for ____?

Using the blink tag.

* you could also replace blink tag with “spacer gif” and it’d be equally as hideous and revolting.

If you were a pro-wrestler, what would be your name?

It’d definitely be Pyrodeath. I mean… there’s no way I couldn’t name myself Pyrodeath. I’d light my pants on fire right before my final move of the match. It’d be seriously epic.

  • Kathryn

    I appreciate the multiple gabs in my direction. I counted 3, am I missing any?

  • Scott

    Don’t worry Bruce I will have a roll bar in my car soon!

  • Ivy

    Great interview. You guys keep rocking it!

  • Lenny Boyd

    LOL… “if I ever start stagnating I want to be taken out back behind the chemical shed and ended.”