Back in the Spring of 2012 I was looking for more guidance on how to better run and grow Imulus. Being an entrepreneur sometimes feels like you are on an island.

Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) was created for entrepreneurs to interact and share experiences in small trusted forums with other entrepreneurs. I latched onto the concept immediately but there was one flaw that held me back from joining up. There wasn’t a Boulder forum!

Boulder entrepreneurial icon Brad Feld ran the Boulder Forum several years ago but eventually moved on. With all of Boulder’s entrepreneurial energy I was surprised that local entrepreneurs were commuting down to Denver a few times a month. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Denver hater. I just want to contribute to Boulder’s growing reputation as an entrepreneurial mecca.

So, I and several others are starting a Boulder EO Forum and hopefully two more by the end of October 2012. We’re recruiting local entrepreneurs that want to join and share experiences. EO has a membership guideline that your business must generate at least $1 million in revenue to qualify you for membership, otherwise it’s pretty open.

If you meet that basic guideline and want to join, please hit me up.

george.morris {at} or @gmorris