Days before the iPad 3 shipped, Bruce, Taylor and I were talking about how incredible the new retina display was going to be. In a moment of terror it occurred to all of us how it — one device — was going to forever change web design as we know it.

Everything we built would now be half the resolution it should be. Every photo, every icon, every logo; doomed to a sad state of blurriness on retina displays. We needed a way to serve high-res images to high-res displays. So we built it.

Retina.js is a zero-config script that makes it easy to serve high-resolution versions of your website’s images to devices with retina displays. It checks all of the images on your page to see if there is a high-res version on your server. If it finds one then it swaps it in. You don’t need to change any of your markup, you simply need to include one script on your page and it just works.

Go check it out.

It’s open source, of course, so we’d love your help in making it better. Fork us on GitHub.

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