A while ago I did a full roundup of GTD personal management apps, my clear and decisive winner for this roundup would have been The Hit List except at that time there wasn’t an iPhone app.

Over the past two years this app was vaporware — at one point Andy Kim, the developer of THL, posted a screenshot on Flickr of the interface, only to vanish from the the earth another year. Finally, yesterday (July 6th 2011 at 10:23a.m.) he appeared on THL Google Group to notify users that THL iPhone would be launching on the app store within a few hours. So, finally, THL has arrived.


I’ve purchased the app and signed up for the year long sync service, so far, things are beautiful. Syncing works like a charm, I dare say on the same level as Simplenote. The interface is jaw dropping, and the speed of the app is on par with other top-tier iPhone apps.

I will give a full review when I’ve gotten my whole life switched back into THL, but until then I wanted to let people know the new iPhone version seems like a winner and might actually have been worth the wait.

  • http://focuslabllc.com/erik-reagan Erik Reagan

    Worth the wait, no doubt from the looks of Things (pun fully intended).

    My concern is the developer’s history. I’d hate to get used to using an app only to find it’s abandoned once again.

    Time will tell.


  • http://imulus.com Bruce Clark

    Yeah, that’s my hesitation too. Hopefully it will do well enough he can hire some staff to support it. The thing is, if you look at it closely you see how it could have truly taken years to get this thing right.

    I’m not saying us users needed it to be so perfect from the start though, an earlier version with faster iterations would have been fine, maybe better. Still, at least it’s really well done. If you’re going to wait it helps to end up with a great experience.

    Here’s to hoping Andy Kim gets some help and pushes updates frequently in the future.