It’s 6:30pm and you’re tired from a long day of work. You’ve just finished writing a four page email to a client. Documenting all of the tasks you completed that day. In fact, you even took time to explain the reason you used nofollow linking to the client’s intranet website. Then, moments later, Mail unexpectedly quits. Your work is gone.

Or… is it. You remember copying the contents of the email to your clipboard minutes before. Quickly you open a new email and anxiously paste: …

wait, no, surely that can’t be right. You paste again: …

Then you remember, that co-worker of yours, Taylor, sent you a link on IM (“Haha, d00d this is hilarious”). But for some reason it didn’t format right and you had to copy it.

Clipboard ManagementYou think — there must be some solution, assuredly. Yet no, your work is gone. You swear to yourself, “never again.” Fortunately, moments later you find a blog post describing your exact scenario. It suggests downloading the free app Clyppan to record your clipboard history. “Wow, that’s awesome,” you say to yourself, “I’m gonna use this all the time.”

And guess what, you do.

Edit: One note, if you don’t set Clyppan to run on startup via system preferences > accounts, then you’ll have to start it manually every time you login to OS X.

Edit 2: Some might suggest the Quicksilver Clipboard module for this same functionality, however, as of 10.5 that module tends to randomly appear when quitting certain applications. Hence why I moved to Clyppan.

  • Erik Reagan

    Thanks for sharing this nifty app. And thanks for taking a few extra minutes to show us some entertaining google searches in your clipboard history :)

  • Kevin Smith

    Great app – I’ve loaded it on both my machines. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Chad

    I downloaded and tested about 10 different clipboard managers for os x, and I liked ClipMenu the best. It’s default settings are a bit ugly, but if you tweak the prefs to get rid of submenus, it’s perfect. It can hold images and other types of clipboard items as well as text, and has some great features like paste as plain text and convert text to upper/lower/title case. I think it’s got a better icon than clyppan too :P

    I use quicksilver’s clipboard plugin on my home machine because I already run QS (haven’t seen that bug you’re talking about in 10.5), but wherever I need something simple and lightweight, I install ClipMenu.