Imulus is in the midst of expanding, we’re hiring for a full-time project manager and full-time front-end developer. We have some other positions we’re looking for (not to mention high quality talent in general) but those two are top on our list. Of course, with this recent move we’ve been reviewing a lot of cover letters and resumes. Frankly, we’re a bit astonished at some of the submissions we’re getting. So, here’s a few things to take away if you’re submitting a cover letter and resume to us.

First, read your cover letter back to yourself before clicking submit. Proof reading, yeah, it’s a real thing and we expect it from anyone we hire. If you are missing punctuation, not capitalizing your sentences, or in general rushing the message, you’re wasting our time and yours.

Second, keep your letter brief and to the point. Tell us why you’re excited about the position and how you think you’ll contribute to our team. Be witty if it is your style (and if you’re good at it) but don’t try it just to impress us. We’d much rather read a meaningful cover letter than one that’s trying to outdo everyone else’s. Don’t be afraid to go in-depth on a few points, but realize that we don’t need a bio of everything you’ve done.

Third, offer concrete examples of your best work, we aren’t going to spend time looking through fifteen different websites you built. Pick your best two or three projects and send only those. If you choose large projects, clarify what part of it you handled.

Fourth, we’re glad you have experience but we really care if you’re good at what you do — you can include your experience in the industry, we’re happy to add that into the equation. But, please don’t place it in your cover letter like a badge of honor. We care much more about your talent level and attention to detail.

Fifth, don’t list every computer application or language you’ve ever tried, just because you learned the entire adobe suite in college doesn’t mean it belongs on your resume. Bullet out a few things you do really well, if it’s something we emphasize in the job description maybe mention it in your cover letter. We don’t need to know that you mastered Lotus Notes 6.0 ten years ago.

Last, sound excited, be professional, the rest will come later, the most important thing is that you are passionate about the opportunity and professional in your demeanor. If you follow the above advice there’s a great chance you’ll get an interview with us. Once that’s on the table you’ll really have a chance to shine.